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EAN: 0036336272163

795,00 €
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795,00 €


  • Tomaia in pelle nera effetto invecchiato e dettagli in nappa
  • Fodera interna in morbida pelle
  • Suola, tomaia e soletto sono raccordate e cucite a vista
  • Sottopiede e soletto in vero cuoio
  • Tacco in vero cuoio con antiscivolo in gomma
  • Lacci in cotone cerato
  • Suola a carro armato in vero cuoio con antiscivolo in gomma
  • Rialzo a scelta tra 6 cm, 7 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm
  • Fatte a mano in Italia
  1. I simply love Guidomaggi shoes!!! review by Francisco on 15/07/2015

    Besides the wire info, I'd also wanted to thank you separately for creating this line. I read your full story behind this incredible shoe line for men and instantly fell in love with the shoes you've designed. Just like you, I stand at 5'9'' - 5' 9.5''. I've always drew attention when I walked into a group of people, but good looks are not always enough from my perspective. So far I always felt my short comings especially when it comes to my height. I made research about elevator shoes many times before, but almost every brand which produces them looked cheap and antifashion almost. When I finally discovered your brand which was only a couple of days ago , I almost couldn't believe my eyes and the quality / looks of your designs.So, sincere congratulations. You're doing a sensational job! I feel like with these shoes, I will be able to reach
    my %100 potential in every aspect of my life: my career, my relationships, everything!

    Thanks again,
    Francisco, USA

  2. I really like their fit review by Connor on 19/05/2015

    Hello...I've purchased a few different pairs of elevator shoes from you guys and really like their fit. Can you do the Chicago boot in 4in dark brown suede...without the design on the toe? Also with a leather sole?

    Connor, US

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